Kevin Garcia | Senior Transportation Planner|

Kevin Garcia is the Senior Transportation Planner at the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance. Before joining NYC-EJA, Kevin was the Bus Campaign Manager with Tri-State Transportation Campaign, where he organized bus riders to raise awareness about issues facing the majority of NJ Transit riders. He helped win a bus network redesign, a commitment from the state governor to electrify NJ Transit’s bus fleet, and established the Bus Riders’ Bill of Rights. Kevin has led outreach efforts for an economic mobility nonprofit to increase wages and earnings for low to moderate-income families and public housing residents in New York City. Before this, he worked with the NYC Department of Sanitation’s curbside organics collection pilot program outreach team to inform New Yorkers on composting and recycling. In college, Kevin led the canvassing operations for the mayoral reelection campaign and worked with the Public Facilities department for the City of Bridgeport in drafting a Complete Streets proposal for the downtown area. He earned a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning from the Pratt Institute and graduated from Williams College with a B.A. in Mathematics and Philosophy.