As the threats of climate change increase, destructive storms like Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Harvey will expose the vulnerabilities of costal communities overburdened by industrial and chemical facilities. Click the preview of the map below to launch the Waterfront Justice Project Interactive Map where you can explore these communities!

Of interest are NYC’s Significant Maritime and Industrial Areas (SMIAs), clusters of industry and polluting infrastructure along the waterfront. SMIAs are located in classic environmental justice communities- predominantly low-income communities of color – in the South Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, which are also hurricane storm surge zones. The Waterfront Justice Project is a research and advocacy campaign focusing on community resiliency that seeks to reduce potential toxic exposures and public health risks associated with climate change and storm surge in the City’s industrial waterfront. The Waterfront Justice Project Interactive Map is a collaborative effort between NYC-EJA and the Scientist Action and Advocacy Network (ScAAN), aiming to visualize maps created by NYC-EJA through our Waterfront Justice Project (WJP).