On October 30th, 2021, the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance celebrated 30 Years!

As NYC-EJA celebrated this milestone, we are reminded anew of the power of coalition organizing: the banding together of groups from different sectors, and walks of life, aligned around a common platform and united for a just cause. The challenges we face – from climate change to COVID – just underscore that simple, but powerful premise. And when coalitions consciously center racial justice – the acknowledgment that Black & Brown communities suffer first and worst from systemic attacks on society, and that we must lead in the liberation from our own oppressive conditions – then those campaigns become transformational…and inspirational.

The event honored four coalitions — Transform Don’t Trash NYC, Climate Works for All, Renewable Rikers, and New York Renews — that NYC-EJA has had the privilege to help launch with our trusted members, partners, and allies over the years. These coalitions are bold, relentless paradigm-shifting coalitions committed to racial justice. That’s how we change the world.

This epic event commemorated the contributions to and the achievements of the environmental justice movement in New York City over the last 30 years. Thanks to everyone who supported our fundraising efforts and made the night memorable!

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30th Anniversary Celebration Recap

Click below to watch clips from our monumental night, including speeches from our honorees and remarks from other special guests.

Introduction Video

Full Event

Remarks from Sen. Schumer