Celeste Perez | State Climate Policy Manager| celeste@nyc-eja.org

Celeste Perez is the State Climate Policy Manager at the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance. Her work with NYC-EJA will be focused on NYS Climate Leadership and Protection Act’s implementation, emphasizing equitable approaches towards a Just Transition. Before joining the team, she focused her Master’s thesis on potential barriers and gaps low-income communities and communities of color face through New York State’s transition towards electrification. She has previously worked as an intern with NYSERDA’s NY Sun team, focusing on disadvantaged communities. Prior to this, Celeste dedicated five months assisting the organization Helping Hands for Puerto Rico on reclamation efforts of abandoned schools devastated by Hurricane Maria. In demand for climate justice on the island, Celeste initiated meetings with various Mayors throughout Puerto Rico to advance sustainability and resiliency efforts. During her undergraduate career, Celeste identified her passion for the intersection between the environment and public health during her study abroad program in Costa Rica. There she learned about renewable energy sources used by indigenous tribes and the importance of indigenous sovereignty. Celeste received a Masters of Science in Environmental Policy and Science from Pace University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University at Albany.